Frosted Kush – 100 mg CBD Lipstick


Perfect for first dates, girls’ nights out, and special occasions, this lipstick will keep you camera-ready all day long. Frosted Kush has just the right amount of gold shimmer to elevate every outfit, whether you’re stepping out in your little black dress or your favorite jeans. This chic gold shimmer will showcase your unique beauty and give you the confidence to snap that selfie – no filter necessary! Frosted Kush keeps your glam style on lock.


Our lipsticks are infused with the highest quality of broad-spectrum CBD distillate, which has many inherent benefits as a healing powerhouse. CBD is anti-aging, acts as a natural antibacterial, and features Omegas 3 & 6 that can repair damage from sun exposure. By helping to regulate oil production, Contraband Beauty lipsticks infused with CBD seal in moisture on delicate lips and keep them smooth and silky. Our lipstick formulas also feature anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce redness and inflammation of the lip area, while also relieving painful lip conditions or extreme dryness.

We welcome you to try Contraband Beauty, our revolutionary CBD-infused lipsticks that will keep your lips looking hydrated, glowing, and gorgeous, through the intense healing power of CBD.


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